Your children's development and fun time together with parents is our priority and mission! Did you know that fine motor skills are one of the most important skills for children? If they are not developed child might have language and other problems. 

KOPAA toys develop motor skills, creativity and bring loads of fun by spending time with the kid. We have developed our toys with the mission to help children to become more successful and happy!  

And we would never sell you products that we would not give to our kids. KOPAA toys are inspired by playing with children. We would never offer you products that we would not give to our children! Both the kids and you will love KOPAA ;)

But most importantly, KOPAA gives you the opportunity to spend meaningful time with your child. Take a break from the Internet and create unforgettable emotions and memories of your time spent together. Because that is what will stay with the children for a long time and will be the basis of how they build relationships with their children. If you want to give your kid something really special, choose KOPAA!

KOPAA creative products are unique and handmade in Europe. 

Main Principles of KOPAA

- DIY and be amazed and proud of the result

- Child-friendly ingredients and materials

- Made to spend time together with parents

- With a tangable end result which is super important for kids - they love to see that they have made something tangible, and can show it to others! (P.S. Don't forget to make a picture and send it to us as well! )